You First

By Tayli S. Freed
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I grew up in a home of Faith, love, and forgiveness. As a kid, I loved spending time with my older sister who is, still to this day, my best friend. My favorite time is that spent with my wonderful, loving family. My daddy filled my childhood with bedtime stories that inspired me to look at the world with a little more imagination. My Momma let me go wild with my artwork, saying that one day the little messes I made would pay off and turn into something brilliant. My book You First is very dear to my heart as it holds a piece of my life that I have put into this little children’s story. You First is written about two people, as different as the sun and moon, that put their differences aside, laid down their pride, and showed forgiveness to one another. I write this story hoping that it will touch the hearts of many and remind us of one of the greatest things we can do for each other… Forgive.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 44