Yellow Tulips

By Elizabeth Sesso
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Anastasia struggles to understand what the psychic meant about a previous life. And a man in that life? What’s that about? He did mean a previous life, she confirmed it with him. But how long ago? What does this mean? Is this real? Is she going crazy?

Anastasia meets with a psychologist, hoping he can help her. In order for the psychologist to meet with her, he has to cancel his regular father-daughter lunch.

Their lives intertwine throughout Yellow Tulips. Join Elizabeth Sesso’s narrative and you won’t be disappointed with the journey.

About the Author

Elizabeth Sesso is retired from the United States Army Reserves after serving for twenty-three years. She has a bachelor’s degree from West Chester University and earned a master’s from California State University. Sesso teaches piano and violin as well as other instruments. She enjoys writing, cooking, and traveling.

Sesso lives in Ocean City, New Jersey. This is her first published book.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 110