Yellow Eyes Gone White!

By Lady InspiroLogos
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YELLOW EYES GONE WHITE!: An Inspiring Journey of Triumph over Sickle Cell Disease

In her candid and insightful YELLOW EYES GONE WHITE!: An Inspiring Journey of Triumph over Sickle Cell Disease, Ifueko Fex Ogbomo shares stirring memories of her lifelong struggle against this chronic genetic disorder, and her long awaited cure through her belief in God. After losing her older brother to this same debilitating disease, she was able to find strength in her faith and realize what was required of her in order to achieve the healing.

It is the authors hope that her story will educate the reader about this disease, but more importantly, that those suffering this affliction might come to an understanding of Gods love and healing power. To quote the author, no matter what difficulties they may face, absolutely nothing is impossible for anyone who will dare to believe Gods Word.

About the Author

Ifueko Fex Ogbomo, also known as Lady InspiroLogos, is a multi-talented writer, voice-over artist, inspirational speaker and a prize-winning performance poet. She is passionate about inspiring people to achieve fulfilling lives regardless of background, race, gender, age and physical challenges. She is also a dedicated advocate for the prevention of sickle cell disease.

A native of Nigeria, primarily residing in Abuja, she holds a B.A. Honors in Music with a minor in Computer Science, from Texas Lutheran University. She enjoys performing poetry, singing, salsa dancing, acting and international travel. This is her first book.

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(2012, paperback, 88 pages

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