By Ana Estrella
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Yellow-beblue has too many feelings to sort. Yellow-beblue’s feelings are interlaced and confusing. She feels icky and blue, but a friend shows up to help her figure them out. After many potions and tricks they finally find the cure to the icky feeling. Yellow-beblue is a complex, cute, and charming character who has very confusing feelings, but throughout the story, she learns to navigate through all the confusing and icky feelings and learns to self-soothe and regulate. The magical and colorful characters contained in this story will make children laugh and want to read the stories again and again. The author hopes children continue to learn positive socioemotional skills that will teach them to resolve conflict, soothe, and cope with complex feelings. The author also hopes children have fun and laugh their way through this book, but also learn skills that will last a lifetime.

About the Author

Ana Estrella is the mother of two children who were her inspiration to become a better mother and eventually a teacher. After twenty years as a preschool teacher, she wants to share her insights with frustrated parents who want to teach their children self-regulation. Estrella is actively involved in children’s education and works in the childhood education field, sometimes mentoring parents, young teachers, and children. She enjoys life and nature; they are her therapy from the troubles of the world. She has learned that children learn better through play, so funny and engaging characters will be sure to keep their attention and will teach them tools that will help them to self-soothe and regulate their urges.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 40