Yee Naadlooshii

By Malik Davidson
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Yee Naadlooshii follows twins, Mosi and Ahiga, and their friends on a visit back to their old reservation. While there, they discover the dark, yet awe-inspiring lineage they come from. But, shortly after learning of the old family business, the twins, along with their friends, are visited by a strange man who will forever alter the course of their lives. An intricate, colorful, dangerous adventure awaits these young people as they fight for their lives while confronting an awe-inspiring supernatural threat, perhaps learning along the way to cherish those closest to you before it’s too late.

About the Author

Malik Davidson has been writing for as long as he can remember: little comics, stories, and some plays. Of course, none of them were serious, but he’s always had a love for writing and putting his ideas on the page. Davidson’s grandmother was a writer, which trickled down to his mother which trickled down to him; so, he supposes it just runs in the family.

Davidson grew up with a father that was a huge horror fan, therefore making him one as well—from classics such as the Friday the 13th franchise, to things like Dog Soldiers and 30 Days of Night. So, horror, suspense, and all things supernatural are things that are right up his alley.

Being an only child for the first decade of his life, he and his mother bonded over many things, one of them being the TV show, Supernatural, which heavily influenced this book. The only problem he struggled with was the plethora of characters that could’ve been introduced in the show; I mean, the characters fought a variety of monster from folklore all over the world: skinwalkers, wendigo, djinns, okamis, kitsunes, etc. Davidson says, “It just always felt weird that they almost never ran into hunters that were from that culture, you know? So, I thought, Hey, why not just make your own universe with the same concept and do it how you want to?

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 224

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Patiently awaiting the next installment

CWs Supernatural meets the Navajo nation! I've always wanted to read books with a supernatural element and people of color. This book definitely fits the bill. The pacing, the twists and turns, and the imagery are phenomenal. A must read.