By Jeane Auguste
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Based on a duck that lived next door to the author and her children, Yackey is loved by all. Whether following his master around like a pet dog or playing with the children next door, he fits right in with the neighborhood. Yackeys quirks, like his inexplicable love for watermelon, make him all the more endearing. Still, as a duck taken out of his natural habitat, Yackey is sometimes caught off guard, especially by the weather.

Follow Yackeys funny hop-hop, waddle-waddle, hop-hop through his two favorite yards, and he will feel just like a friendly neighbor to you, too.

About the Author

Jeane Auguste, author of Poetic Memoirs of Beverly Jeane Ray, wrote this book for her children when they were young under the penname chosen by them. A native of Arizona, she is now retired and still lives in the state. In addition to writing, her interests include reading, hiking, travel, crafts, and painting.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 34