By Oramary
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This book is about human uniqueness, oneness, resolve, cunning, and sacrifice; characteristics needed to successfully preserve our way of life, and extend our species beyond the final finality all must face. The book illustrates how our history of violence toward one another honed these characteristics. The book illustrates how by honing them, humanity can survive if and when we must face a final conflict. The story points out the necessity to plan ahead for the finality, real problems that must be faced and solved to successfully extend the species. It is hoped that the reader will appreciate these characteristics and realize that while humanity has historically fought one another, we are a single species. And to survive, humanity must act as one.

About the Author

The author was brought up on the Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Children’s Home, a state institution for at-risk children. Teaching degrees were obtained from Ball State University. After several years of teaching, the author worked for the state of Michigan for thirty-eight years. After retirement, the author undertook writing, not to be a write, but because it was fun to put into words the fantasies or even real events experienced over seventy-plus years.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 670