Wyrm's Quest

By Cliff Alberts
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Welcome to the world of Ethrealish, in the land of Bril, with Chasm Deep surrounding it. Who knows what will happen to you on your quest? However, with Cliff Alberts help, Wyrms Quest does not have to be as complicated a variation on dungeons and dragons themed games as it first appears. With his carefully outlined instructions for choosing a creation to be, an occupation and the general make up for that creation, and then delving into the books of abilities, chance and misfortune, and magic, you can embark upon a mystical quest with the goal of your choicebecome master of the universe, save your world from a hostile race and be a hero, or take part in conquering another world for the betterment of your race. Its all up to you. Choose your creation carefully, then select your occupation and general make up wiselyeven the smallest of items may mean the difference between complete success or utter defeat! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Cliff Alberts has traveled and lived throughout England, Germany, and the U.S.A. In his journeys he has visited many castles and ancient sites to be able to draw on these findings for his Wyrms Quest adventure.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 74