Wynter’s Warm Heart

By Oletha Signal Broussard
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While Wynter was running around her Uncle Ron’s yard, trying to catch butterflies, she noticed five shiny, unusually shaped rocks in the corner. After some hesitation, she decided to pick them up and keep them in her pockets until she could figure it out.

Later, when she was touring the farm with her friends, she thought some of the animals looked sad. She decided the rocks could be magical. When no one was looking, she placed a rock next to some of the animals. And soon, the magic began…

Because of Wynter’s warm heart, all the animals were praising her and thanked her for her visit. Of course, they all want her to come back soon.


About the Author

Wynter lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her parents Wallace Broussard Jr. and Dana Skinner. Her only sibling is Wallace Broussard III who’s affectionately called, Trey. She enjoys biking, playing volleyball and attending her dance class. Her favorite family activity is traveling to distant states. She is looking forward to visiting her cousins, Harley Quinn Oubre and Lyrik Oubre in Paradise, California. Lyrik promises to take her canoeing and Harley promises to take her to many amusement parks.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 40