Www.God.Com: Time For A New Era

By Sharon Johnson
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A woman is online as a thunderstorm approaches and lightning strikes. She awakens in a strange place with unfamiliar language and terrain. Its ancient Rome, and she realizes she has been sent back in time to marry Marcus, a man who could spread goodness to others through their meeting, marriage, and children. She also has the fortune of meeting Jesus, her greatest gift from God through this experience. Struck by lightning once again, she returns to contemporary life and finds that her visit to the past actually occurred because now she has great wealth passed on to her from her ancestors. She uses this fortune to help others. She lives longer than even her husband and son to carry out this duty to God until one day she is released into the afterlife, her purpose served. Follow along with the adventures in Sharon Johnsons WWW.GOD.COM.

About the Author

Sharon Johnson currently lives with her husband, Paige. They have three children, Barrett, Wendy, and Bryan. Sharon graduated with honors from the Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, earning a bachelors degree in biology that she says strengthened her belief in God. Formerly in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, she continues to be a participant in the American Military Engineers and Women of the Moose. She also enjoys computers, music, and breeding mastiffs.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 64