Wow! Scammed Or Not Scammed!

By Beverly Koribanic
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Being scammed can be at once financially and emotionally devastating. Beverly Koribanic addresses the issue frankly. Breaking the scamming process down in to easy-to-understand stages, she hopes to empower potential victims of scamming with awareness. Armed with awareness, potential victims can avoid the advances and common tricks of many scammers.

The process of being scammed is truly an emotional experience, scammers often employ romance—be it the exploitation of dreams of hitting it big, or simply finding a companion. Beverly Koribanic has learned of this through personal experience and through studies of scamming. She now seeks to share her experiences and knowledge within the pages of WOW! Scammed or Not Scammed!

About the Author

Beverly Koribanic is a life-long resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has worked for several major companies in the Pittsburgh area as a programmer, analyst, and a project leader. After a lay-off, Beverly Koribanic decided to strike out on her own and use her real estate license more actively.

With her varied professional background, Beverly Koribanic has learned much about how we interact when doing business. In WOW! Scammed or Not Scammed! Beverly writes from a mix of personal experience and professional experience. She herself has been scammed and now writes to expose scammers and protect readers by educating them in the industry and romance of scamming.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 112