Words From The Heart: For People Who Know What They Want To Say But Can't Express It In Words

By Terrance Jackson
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About the Book

Women are the subject of Terrance Jacksons Words from the Heart: For Those People Who Know What They Want to Say but Cant Express It in Wordswomen as lovers, wives, seductresses, angels, mothers, sinners, and "Fire." Jacksons love/hate relationship with the female of the species is evident in his collected works. In one poem, he praises her for her beauty and femininityin another, he condemns her to the eternal flame. As a result, a brilliant moral dichotomy emerges wherein not only the women who are the subject of these poems are being judged, but also the mean they encounter.

About the Author

Born in 1977, Terrance Jackson is a lifelong resident of Charleston, South Carolina. The assistant manager of a mens clothing store, Jackson is a member of the Army National Guard and some of this book was birthed while he was serving in Operation Enduring Freedom. He is also a member of the Evening of Prayer Church of God in Christ. His interests include singing, playing the drums, reading, and bodybuilding. Jackson wrote Words from the Heart for people who have problems expressing themselves, in the hope that they may read his poetry to others to communicate their emotions and spirituality.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 48