By Gregory Hasty
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About the Book

Woodstockers introduces us to Sky Malone, who is in her final year of high school and lives close to where the famous Woodstock festival is to be held. Her mother won't allow her to go to the event, so she decides to leave without her consent and slips away before her mom knows her intentions.

Sky is damaged from her father's absence due to a nasty divorce and her mother's overprotection. She barely has a life of her own due to her mom's constant vigilance, so she rebels by going to Woodstock and experiences several incredible occurrences while there, some good, some horrifying. Sky continually encounters challenges amidst the backdrop of one of the most famous exhibitions of music in history.

Woodstockers speaks of the impact Woodstock had on the youth, the musicians, society, and important trends of the era. The book's uniqueness is that it's a fictional piece immersed in the most celebrated music festival of all time and how one person's story at Woodstock could be a testimonial for many who attended.

About the Author

Gregory graduated from the University of Texas, Arlington, with a communications degree after spending a few years at Texas Tech University. He wrote for the Tech paper The University Daily and also wrote articles for American Dawn Magazine and Lit Monthly. Gregory was an FM DJ in college and secured a job at a major radio station, where he was a DJ and music director and also interviewed a number of famous musicians. Mr. Hasty is also the author of Unsettled Business, Jana and Lydia, and I'm A Nobody.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 332