Wolves And Dragons: Bite Through The Night

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Wolves and Dragons is an autobiographical/science fiction story. What happens in the book to the main character happened to the author; he’s just not a Werewolf. Being handicapped also helped him right some of those wrongs. He doesn’t only focus on werewolves and vampires, but in the world he created everything is real. The book shows you that even if you were raised in a terrible home, no matter what is thrown at you that you can keep fighting forward even when the world is against you. Wolves and Dragons is a wonderful book about the hardships of life but also the importance of friends and family.

About the Author

In high school the author’s teachers encouraged him to write. He never took them seriously, but then right before his twenty-first birthday he noticed a story in his head that had been developing since he was twelve. When he started to write his little brother was the only one that encouraged and believed in him. He had always started things and never finished. When his mother saw how passionate he was about writing she pushed the author. M. L. Fox is in a wheelchair due to a rare bone disease so there isn’t much he can do but he still provides for his family. This book is for those who need help with their day, or just want a good read.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 252