Wisdom Sale: A Line To Rent

By Miriam Yankovitch
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Theres not a day when life isnt enrichingat least, for some who sees life in its different facets and ponders it over. Some of them were called philosophers; and philosophers who impart his or her wisdom in a funny way is called a humorist. Miriam Yankovitch wrote about what she had learned from life in witty and truthfully expressed one-liners. She didnt say anything no one had experienced before, but its something that she may have put in your mouth in a given situation. In company meetings, this may have said what you cannot explain in your thought: Coming to listen doesnt mean theres something to listen to. She also pricked people who misjudge others by saying, There are good people and bad ones, but not necessarily the ones we point at.

These are just two of the many words of wisdom she compiled in Wisdom Sale: A Line to Rent, a book that means what it says and says what it means. One book that could open your eyes and your heart; one that could both inspire and lighten you up.

About the Author

Miriam Yankovitch is a teacher, mother, and grandmother who currently lives in Israel. Inspired by her personal pursuit of her own line, and realizing that she is actually living one of the many she came up with, she wrote this book to help others understand the perks of life through the eyes of someone who experienced them.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 82