Wingtips Under A Bolivian Poncho

By Bruce N. Anderson
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An executive consultant, a family man with homefront priorities, excels at his managing skills and the capability to impart his knowledge on the people with which he interacts. When a lucrative job opportunity presences itself in a foreign land, exacerbating his paternal and professional instincts, Henry Emerson rises to the challenges before him and works on a project that will make or break him and his family.

This book investigates the intricate workings of the business world that few ever live or witness. With dialogue in both English and Bolivian Spanish, the budding entrepreneur can read and learn as Henry lives yet another transformational experience during a time of political turmoil. Business professionals take note.

About the Author

A graduate from Bowling Green University and Cleveland State University, Bruce N. Anderson has enjoyed a career in industry and public sector executive positions and as a management consultant. He has been fortunate to balance four decades of work in his profession with an active outdoor life of hiking, backpacking, motorcycling, team and individual sports many of these with his wife and daughters. He continues an active information technology consulting practice and involvement on non-profit international service organizations. Bruce writes and lives with his wife in North Carolina and in a second residence in Lima, Peru.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 314