Wine Monologue

By Minha Kim
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There is little doubt that today’s world, laden with intense competition and a lack of human decency, is leaving a scar on our collective minds. With a glass of wine in hand, allowing the stressors of the world to fade away, Dr. Minha Kim was inspired to explore humanity, using wine varieties from around the world as her catalyst. Through her unique style of monologue, Dr. Kim dives into the concepts of beauty, love, creativity, nature, and much more while making insightful comparisons between Western and East Asian cultures. Formerly released in South Korea and China, Dr. Kim’s thoughtful perspectives on mankind—personally, interpersonally, and as a society—will stimulate readers around the world to reflect on their own lives and the path they are traveling and motivate them to make meaningful change.

About the Author

 After spending about a decade as a professor of communication, specializing in news and social network theories, Dr. Minha Kim established a start-up company in Seattle, Washington, that focuses on building a humanistic network around the globe using innovative social networking platforms. Her hope is to bring to light worldwide concerns like famine, global warming, social inequity, air pollution, and war.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 136