Will You Ever Know Me

By Samantha Lopez
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Will You Ever Know Me is a powerful drama about four young people whose lives are deeply affected by teenage bullying and suicide. 

With recently-divorced parents, Carmen was uprooted from her hometown in Texas. What will she do without her best friend who holds a secret that could change her whole life?

Every one’s hero, school jock, and president of his senior class, only Alex knows the truth: his life is not made in heaven. He has a secret, his mother’s new way of life after her divorce.

Christian is torn with guilt because he knows he is to blame for his mother’s tragic death. Can he continue to live with his tragic secret?

Alo lives in the poverty of the Indian Reservation, going to bed hungry daily and trying to survive his father’s beatings. Will his special gift get him out of the reservation or kill him trying?

This book is dedicated to all kids from all walks of life, battling the same demon. These kids constantly ask themselves; will you ever know me? Is suicide my only way out?

Against all odds, these kids try to survive in a world that seldom is fair. In a world where people only see what they want to see. In a world where the struggle to survive is real. In a world where love is only a four-letter word.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 134