Wild People Of The Woods

By Taylor Martin
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About the Book

Taylor Martin returned to his childhood home in Missouri under the worst of circumstances. His father spent the last years of his life descending deeper and deeper into dementia, and Taylor had no choice but to be there for his dad, to take care of him, to take care of his mom, and to take care of the family farm. Even after his father passed, Taylor stayed right there and built a new life for himself, moving his family across the country and putting down roots at the old homestead, choosing to settle in to the simple, quiet country life. Or so he thought.

Taylor soon had an encounter with creatures that terrified him, creatures that roamed the woods around his childhood home, sometimes appearing without warning, sometimes announcing their presence loudly as they crashed through the brush. Many know these behemoths as Bigfoots or Sasquatch, but over time, as Taylor learned to respect and even revere them, he came to know them as the Wild People of the Woods. Spanning decades and dozens upon dozens of encounters, Taylor's relationship with these beasts will enthrall you.

About the Author

Taylor Martin is a farmer in rural Missouri. Should you stumble upon his farm, you'd find the hardworking, reserved country boy out doing chores and tending the livestock, garden, and hayfields. If he isn't out working the fields, you'll find him spending time with his family, whom he loves and places above all else.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 198