Why Students Fail And Spend Extra Years In School

By Solomon Etchie Okpa
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Why Students Fail and Spend Extra Years in School is addressed directly to the very students whose lives are often beset by failure and frustration. Solomon Etchie Okpa offers solid, practical advice on academic success from early childhood and nursery school through adolescence and secondary education and on to higher education.

Considering outside influences as well as personal study habits and the choice of friends, among a multitude of other dimensions, Mr. Okpa traces a students development and the primary responsibilities faced at each level. He provides specific advice and cautions that will assist the reader in setting and obtaining success in school and later in life.

Why Students Fail and Spend Extra Years in School is a thoughtful and insightful guide that will encourage students at every level of education.

About the Author

Solomon Etchie Okpa is a native of Nigeria, where he earned a BES/BARC degree in architecture from the University of Lagos and an OND in Mechanical Engineering from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. He is presently employed as a Telecom Network Roll-out Manager for a leading Telecom Organization in West Africa. His interests include reading, writing, and motivational speaking and he is also the author of The Last Word - Have You Tried All and Failed

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 62