Why Not Me?

By Joseph C. Aurelia  
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Why Not Me

About the Book

Joseph C. Aurelia wrote Why Not Me: A Brave Journey with Cancer to share the story of the loss of his beloved wife, Camille. The book details her battle with cancer.

Why Not Me shares information for people with cancer, caretakers, family members, and caring professionals alike. When a loved one is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Aurelia asks readers to support that person, be there, and always support their decisions. Protect them, advocate for them, love them, and yet prepare for their death. “Expressing and dealing with grief is paramount,” Aurelia says.

Primarily, Aurelia’s experience taught him that the medical system needs to change the care of Stage 4 patients. His book shows the need to treat the person with cancer, and not just the cancer. But at heart, Why Not Me teaches readers to help their loved one recognize both physical and emotional pain, and to alleviate suffering as much as possible. Decision-making and critical thinking along this journey are a must – Why Not Me may help you and your loved ones in your journey with cancer.

About the Author

Dr. Joe dedicated his forty-three year medical career to the rehabilitation of neurologically impaired patients. His specialty included the treatment of aphasia and other language disorders, in addition to treatment of dysphonia and dysphagia. In addition, he was an assistant professor for ten years, teaching courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Aurelia served as the Director of Practicum and has worked with families to facilitate carryover of gain made in therapy. During his university days, he lectured extensively at local and regional workshops and conferences. During his career, Aurelia worked in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, and consulted to several public schools.

Aurelia is the author of The Aspasia Therapy Manual, which ran for two editions.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 92