Why Me?

By Ashley M. Polidore
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In Why Me? Ashley M. Polidore describes her experiences with romantic relationships, family drama, motherhood, and financial struggles. This book is meant to let women know they don't have to be embarrassed about the choices they have made throughout their life. Polidore hopes readers take with them the message that although nothing is perfect, all you can do is try to be better than the person you were last year.

About the Author

Ashley M. Polidore was born in 1991 in New Iberia, Louisiana. Her parents are Rivers and Eunice Polidore. She has two siblings — her oldest brother Trenell and her baby brother Christopher. She has one daughter named Paris Daurbigny. She enjoys nature and likes to sit under trees on a sunny day and visit the park to feed ducks. She loves all varieties of music and considers herself a down-to-earth girl.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 44