Why Do You Want To Be A Worm When You Can Be A Butterfly?

By Deacon Willie Lee Walton Jr.
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Why Do You Want to Be a Worm When You Can Be a Butterfly? is about life experiences and decision making regarding this exposure. This book was designed to help encourage humanity to make wise decisions in regards to the world and the people in it. It should express that friendship is essential for true social harmony. The concepts of choosing friends wisely, committing selfless acts, and acknowledging a higher order of existence all enhance the betterment of humanity.

About the Author

Deacon Willie is a very happily married man of thirty-three years, an ordained Deacon, and General Superintendent of Church School, where he and his wife and two sons share the faith. They are all golfers, mostly for the exercise and spending time with each other. Deacon Willie is very proud of his family, and a lot of the values of this book have been instilled into them.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32