Why Am I Still Here?: The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me God

By Jeannette Davila
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Why Am I Still Here? is the gripping memoir of a Puerto Rican immigrant navigating the chaos and turmoil of life both inside and outside of her home. As a young child, Jeannette Davila lost her father due to his underground criminal activities, turning her world upside-down and forcing her to face life’s hardships far too early. Growing into a headstrong teenager, Jeannette found herself in the height of New York’s nightlife in the 1970s, where everyone around her was experimenting with drugs, music, and love. Looking back on life’s ups and downs, Jeannette realizes it was only resilience and a stubborn sense of self-worth that got her out of the chaos and to where she is today.

About the Author

Jeannette Davila had a career as a passport specialist in the State Fraud Department for over thirty years before retiring. She is the mother of one son and one daughter. In her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing, photography, and going to art museums. She resides with her daughter in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32