By John Michael Gibson
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About the Book

Law-abiding, giving, and compassionate to his work and love onesthis is the perfect description for Officer John Anderson. Yet for all his deeds of valor and endearing nature, his once prolific and blissful life turns for a slow descent toward foredoom.

It all starts with at an unfortunate event in his life. He was then a soldier, fearlessly fighting in the Vietnam War. After an arduous encounter that almost took his friends life, John is finally sent home, only to realize that his parents were murdered and no one will be at home.

As he strives to recover, John has a newfound hope.

Eventually, John starts a new life with Janice, the girl who brought him back joy, and they live happily and comfortably with their only son.

But fate just seems to find him as one of her favorites. Soon a tragic incident involving John occursa fatal incident that will initiate a chain of events leading to Johns ultimate fall.

About the Author

John Michael Gibson was born in Seattle, Washington, but he grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he finished high school and lived for forty years. He currently works as a manager and resides in Athens, Illinois, with his family.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 142