White Light, Yellow Light, Districts, Dynamics: The Socioeconomic Divide

By Tommy Long
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About the Book

L. Tommy Long works with the Tarrant County Texas Democratic voter registration committee to help get voters registered. In his free time, Long enjoys playing basketball and reading widely. He considers sociology the most interesting subject, and it comes naturally to him because he has always studied people informally. Long is a father and a grandfather, and there is nothing more important to him than family.

During his career, L. Tommy Long has worked in multiple industries, and he has found that, no matter the industry, politics controlled the day. His number one takeaway was that the haves always take advantage of the have nots, full stop!

About the Author

In our nation’s neighborhoods, there is a disturbing indicator of inequality that few have noticed: light.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why there is such a stark contrast between the appearances of low income communities and more affluent ones at night? The disparity has many causes, but the two most notable are the differences in operational cost and illumination levels, and these point to deeper systemic issues. This contrast thus separates America’s white light and yellow light districts, the haves and the have nots.

In this book, author L. Tommy Long explores the impact politics has on economic opportunities and lived experiences. As the economic inequality gap continues to widen in America, Long offers possible solutions, and he challenges each reader to look inward for ways to improve his/her life.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 110