White Lies, Black Truth, The Lost Light

By Jacie Rowe III
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93% of Black homicide is Black on Black killings

6,000 Blacks killed by other Blacks 2015 in U.S.

From 1976-2005 94% Black Killings were by other Blacks

From 1976 -2014 is estimated that 198,288 Blacks killed by Blacks, on average, 5,218 per year

Houston Black Toddler killed by stray bullet R.I.P Jordan Allen Jr.

102 Black people shot, 14 killed, in Chicago over Father's Day weekend June 2020; "They talk about the police killing innocent people, but they are killing our citizens, they are killing each other"

Amaria 13 YO Black girl killed by stray bullet in Chicago, R.I.P

Tamara Collier, 24 YO Black lady killed by stray bullet, R.I.P

8 YO Mekhi James, R.I.P, killed by stray bullet in Chicago

8 YO Rodgerick Payne Jr, R.I.P, killed by stray bullet

Chicago, 75% of people murdered are Black, 71% of those murders are by other Blacks

Charlotte, NC., 100 bullets fired in to a block party crowd, where 4 Blacks were killed and 10 injured

Black on Black crimes are across the U.S., Detroit murderers, Cleveland murderers, Atlanta murderers, Miami murderers, LA murderers, NY murderers, Louisville murderers, Milwaukee murderers, Compton murderers, etc.

Wake up Black people!!!

White Lies, Black Truth, The Lost Light is an informative piece, providing spiritual strength and faith of a higher power, uplifting a chosen people, the descendants of Israel, to encourage them to come back to their GOD laws and live peacefully with all man. The story is interesting because the people of the book, the target audience, are people who have been lost, their identity lost and stolen, and have not known who they are or where they come from for thousands of years until now. It's relevant because it's the truth and the truth shall make us free! Regardless if the message is for you or not, I hope you obtain an understanding of the purpose of the book and the message it's conveying to its audience. Readers will be able to see the truth and hopefully understand that much of the current religions are teaching a false Christ and a deceiving message to the people.

About the Author

Jacie Rowe III enjoys reading, researching, spending time with his children, attending his son's school functions, sewing fringes on his shirts, and sports and movies. He spends much of his time learning the word of GOD and teaching his message, which has resulted in a hope to open an educational teaching facility in Detroit, MI. Jacie served for twenty years in the U.S. Army. He has a Master's degree in Social Work Science and is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. Psychology program at Capella University.

Published: 2020
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