Whispers Of The Living Dead

By Ed Booth
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About the Book

David, a good-looking marketing executive, loves his beautiful and loving girlfriend, Dianne, absolutely. He even comes to love her little habit of whispering tenderly to his ears, strange though it appealed to him at first. There is just one little nagging problem to their life together: He is out of job for nine months running, and he is beginning to dread the gloomy condo unit that has become their living quarters for some time now.

Little wonder then that David could not contain his joy when he is finally offered the chance to run the marketing department of The Sun Bank of Hong Kong, despite the challenge of living in a faraway land. Dianne, however, fully supports his career move.

Off to Hong Kong, David starts to make a good name for himself, gaining the trust of Mr. Sun, the owner of the bank, and making quick headway up the social ladder of Hong Kong society. David, at last, seems to be having the time of his life, the kind that eluded him in the UK.

For all his marketing savvy, David, however, has not come prepared to deal with the mystic elements of Asia. Specifically, what seems an innocently executed trek to a renowned master fortune teller of Borneo starts a chain of events that ends in the tragic death of Maggie, a lady friend who is connected to him in more ways than he could allow himself to admit. And for David, the death of Maggie marks the start of an entirely new class of whispers that persistently hovers about his head.

About the Author

Ed Booth was born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK. Being Eurasian, the blend of East and West has always fascinated him, constantly ingrained in his creativity and thinking. He has always been inspired by the blend of the old and modern, the spiritual as well as materialistic lifestyle that epitomizes his birthplace, where he currently resides.

This is his first novel.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 84