Whispers From The Lord

By Jeff D. Elliott
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Whispers from the Lord is a collection of poems whose subjects and sometimes entire content were given to author Jeff D. Elliott through true whispers from the Lord that he could hear.

In 1986, Jeff passed away and met the Lord. He saved and returned him to continue serving him by helping others. Jeff’s poems are written in a way with the Lord to create an easy understanding of his messages that can help others. This was his way of letting Jeff continue to help others after becoming disabled and having to leave the fire service.

Feel the Lord's presence in the poems written herein, and you will be able to understand love and all his other messages in an easy way. These poems speak truth and are meant for an enjoying way to receive information about God and life.

About the Author

Love and maintaining family structure are Jeff D. Elliott’s main goals, along with living to serve God. Serving others for 28 years as a firefighter, fire marshal, and peace officer has always been a drive for him to help people in any way he can. Writing poetry is now his main way to keep helping others and gives him a feeling of still having contact with people because of being disabled and having to stay home every day. But with God and his four dogs, he is never alone.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 94