By Danielle Doucet
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This introspective collection of verse explores a variety of inner states of mind from a uniquely feminine perspective. Whirlwind employs traditional rhyming structures, vibrant nature imagery, repetition, and metaphor to give voice to the sometimes private, inherently personal experience of love and relationships. Poet Danielle Doucet bases her verse on seemingly common experiencesa sense of isolation, moments of contemplation, wonder about what lies beyond the normal life, a snippet of thought from an observed strangerand elevates them to an artistic tableau. Always emphasizing the power of the female, as well as the security of Gods guiding hand, these poems as a whole explore the nature of human emotion and the common bonds we share in the human condition.

About the Author

Prompted by life experiences, emotions, and observations, California resident Danielle Doucet was inspired to write the poems comprising Whirlwind. In addition to her writing, Doucet enjoys singing, reading, skiing, and dance.

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Published: 2004
Page Count: 48