Where It Begins

By Leigha Jaclynn
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Meet Carter Baker, she has just uprooted her whole life and moved across the country with her Dad and younger sister, Dani. Starting a new school halfway through the first semester of her senior year, Carter is mad at everyone and everything. A turbulent encounter introduces her to Jagger Hastings, the first person she has ever met who might just be angrier at the world than her. Once brought together, Carter and Jagger can’t seem to keep away from one another, whether they like it or not…

Both struggling with family troubles, personal faults and flaws, and secrets they have buried deep down, they find solace in one another. Falling fast, neither stop to think about the consequences of their relationship and volatile personalities. Could they truly be meant for each other, or are they one another’s demise?

The first in an eventual series, this story follows Carter and Jagger throughout their lives, giving the reader an intimate view of the paths they travel and how those intertwine with one another. Told through the varying perspectives of the main characters, Where It Begins takes readers on a journey of teenage trials and tribulations, relationships, and internal struggles we all face. An honest tale of young love, difficult decisions, and the paths that lead into adulthood.

About the Author

Leigha Jaclynn is an avid reader and writer, regularly creating characters and writing stories since she was a young child. During college, she re-discovered some old stories she had written and began to further develop what eventually became Where It Begins and its subsequent series. Jaclynn is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, where she studied English and writing. She currently lives in Connecticut. This is her first published book.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 254