Where Do They Fit?

By Patricia Nell Southern-Musso
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The kindest people are not born that way; they are made. They are the souls who have experience much at the hands of life; the ones who have dug themselves out of deep darkness; and who have fought to turn every loss into a lesson.

The kindest people do not just exist; they choose to soften when circumstances have tried to harden them. They choose to believe in goodness, because they have seen firsthand why compassion is so necessary. They have seen firsthand why tenderness is so important in this world.

Kindness is LENDING your strength

instead of reminding people

of their weakness.

Delve deeper and learn more about God and His Word to humanity in WHERE DO THEY FIT?, a collection of guided, self-learning lessons revolving around the books in the Old and New Testament and many other facts concerning the Bible.

Utilizing the workbook exercises and memory techniques, invest the time and effort to learn the information within and jumpstart a spiritual foundation for your new walk of faith!

About the Author

In June 2021, Patricia Nell Southern-Musso’s life changed completely when her husband of 59 years passed into eternity after many great years together. Finding herself as a widow, it became apparent that God would have to help her fill the hours. And soon, the opportunities came. She called Meals on Wheels and became a standby delivery driver. 

Patricia Nell fills her time with church, family, traveling, friends, gardening, and just enjoying life.

Through her book, WHERE DO THEY FIT?, Pat strives to help new believers learn about God’s Word and the most exciting book in the world, the Bible.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 98