Where Did All The Socks Go?

By Samuel David Drew
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About the Book

This little boy can only find single socks in his dresser drawers, so he attempts to answer the age-old question, Where Did All the Socks Go? Follow him on his quest as his mother suggests where those sneaky socks may have gotten to. With cute and funny illustrations, this story is a delight to share.

About the Author

Samuel David Drew is a healthcare professional and that allows him to serve all people in all groups. His specialty is the lungs and he has been working in pulmonary for thirty-five years. Drew tries to stay involved in different charities like food drives, clothes donation, and using his resources to purchase products locally. By supporting the local vendors, he feels like it builds a stronger community. Drew loves to bike ride, play baseball, walk on the beach, and watch old movies. He has always had a special interest in teaching what he’s learned over the years. Drew went back to school and got a master’s in instructional design in the hopes of landing a job as a professor. Teaching is his calling, and he did not know it until he took a job with the Air Force to teach their cardiopulmonary students by giving them a more in-depth look at pulmonary medicine. Drew has been married for forty-two years. They have three children and four grandchildren. He wrote this book for his grandchildren in order to spark their curiosity. They still get very curious about many different subjects. Drew currently works at the VA Medical Facility and the patient clientele are mainly his age or older with grandchildren of their own that they may enjoy sharing this book with.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 38

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Where did all the socks go?

What a cute book with great illustrations!!!! I too wonder where all my socks go!