Where Are You Duckie?

By Enid Brown Marshall
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Where Are You Duckie? is the story of a little girl named Beanie and her attachment to a baby duck that lives on the pond behind her grandmother’s house. Beanie watches the duck daily. She begins to worry when an alligator comes to the pond. She urges the duck to fly away—and it does. But will Duckie ever return to the pond? Will Beanie get to say goodbye?

Based on a real-life duckie the author found in her own backyard pond, Where Are You Duckie? is intended for young children pre-school through early elementary, to stimulate their natural curiosity and imagination. It is a story the author hopes young children will want to enjoy with their parents (or grandparents).

About the Author

Enid Brown Marshall is a retired educator and policy maker turned storyteller. Enid is a native of Washington D.C. where she grew up, married, and raised three children. She graduated from Howard University, receiving her bachelor and master degrees in Sociology. After a 40-year career with local and federal education agencies in Washington, she retired and moved to Southwest Florida. As she describes her new life, she “…moved from an urban jungle of people and politics to a real jungle with real animals.” In her community, aptly named River Wilderness, Enid and her husband enjoy an active personal life as well as watching the active lives of the wildlife living in their community.

Now Enid finds that she is much less interested in writing the great American novels she’d planned about the drama of D.C.; instead, she sits on her lanai and studies the wildlife, awed by the power, predictability, and beauty of the animals in their habitats. Through her stories, she hopes to engage the imaginations of young children while teaching them about Florida wildlife and habitats and how wildlife and people live together in harmony.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 32