Where Are You?

By David Theron Shoemaker
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About the Book

Barry quickly learned how life can change directions, on a dime. He had come to San Francisco to meet with the lawyers to finalize the sale of his very prosperous business. His wife decided to have the family come with him and make this trip into a vacation. But as he was signing the bottom line, his son was being kidnapped.

Yes, he was now rich but his world had come crashing down around him. While searching for his boy in the weeks to follow, he will be joined by two people who will be key to righting his world.

About the Author

When the author took early retirement, he decided to do what he never had time to do before: write for fun. For him, this has become an avocation that has produced more than thirty novels.

For years David and his wife, Patricia, have been in love with the foothills of California's Gold Country. And so, when retirement came, they built a home that looked out over a valley below and the Sierra Nevada Mountains above. In this setting, he was able to find inspiration for his novels.

When asked how he gets ideas for so many stories, David’s answer is, “My imagination introduces me to a character. Then he grabs my hand and leads me off into his life. I never know where we are going, but I end up loving everything about the journey.”

Published: 2020
Page Count: 244