When Silence Speaks

By N. C. Marks
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Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine the man she loved suddenly dying. As she stumbled through days of darkness following her husbands devastating death, grief was compounded by a toxic mixture of difficulties for her. This book tells of the indomitable spirit of a woman to overcome adversity and walk in the light of a merciful God. Her ability to find faith in the wake of loss, despair, and what many would consider a profound injustice is inspiring. Startling and revealing, the honesty found in this story belies a vulnerability that will humble readers and make them appreciate the loved ones taken for granted every day.

Her nightmare led her to adopt an invincible attitude and a genuine, hope-based faith for the future. Let her compelling words lead you out of your own personal darknessand into the light of optimism.

About the Author

N. C. Marks is a native of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where she is a teacher at St. Vincent Girls High School. In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Geography, she holds a Master of Science in Environmental Management, both from the University of London, as well as a certificate for Teacher Education from the University of West Indies. This is her first book, but she is currently working on a second, a memoir of her experiences as a teacher. She spends her summers in Brooklyn, New York, and when shes not writing or teaching, she enjoys nature, poetry, traveling, and music. She is a single mother to two children, Shari and Joshua.

Published: 2011
Page Count: 46