When Religion Is Not Enough

By L. E. Roach
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All her life, L.E. Roach has had intense spiritual encounters and visions. In her search to discover the meaning of these events, she has visited many churches, only to be told again and again that her experiences were evil and should be ignored. It was not until her son was diagnosed with AIDS, however, that her spiritual journey truly intensified. Faced with prejudice and even persecution from church members and those she had counted as friends, she began to seek a more personal relationship with God outside the confines of organized religion. Telling her deeply personal story in the inspirational When Religion Is Not Enough, she reveals how, through prayer and faith, she continues to try to open the minds of others to accept and love victims of AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.

About the Author

L. E. Roach was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States when she was twenty-two. She and her husband, both retired, have two wonderful sons. The rejection of AIDS victims, including her own son, prompted her to write this book. Her son, Larry, passed away on January 31, 2003. In her spare time, Roach enjoys gardening and reading.

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