When My Well Ran Dry

By Racquel D. Innis-Shelton, MD
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When My Well Ran Dry

Written for anyone working to recover from an emotionally painful experience, When My Well Ran Dry is an inspiration. With a focus on marriage and relationships, Racquel D. Innis-Shelton, MD writes from personal experience. She tells of the path she took during her day-to-day struggle with grief, all the while carrying on with everyday responsibilities.

Her words are inspirational for anyone who finds themselves in the midst of despair, whatever the cause, with no obvious way out. It can be difficult to suffer alone, but her experiences let us know we are not alone in our struggles and that there is a pathway out.

About the Author

The fourth daughter of Jamaican immigrants, Racquel D. Innis-Shelton, MD was raised by her mother after her parents divorce in the inner-city of Los Angeles.

Racquel is now an assistant professor of medicine, specializing in the field of stem cell transplantation for the management of high risk hematologic malignancies. Her research focuses on the practical application of scientific concepts into therapy and clinical trials.

She has traveled extensively in part due to her now ex-husbands career in the military. Together they have four wonderful children. After 13 years of marriage, Racquel was faced with a four-year struggle to recover emotionally. During this process she experienced a level of self-discovery and found her inner-strength. She hopes When My Well Ran Dry will help other individuals unleash their own natural resiliency.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 104