When I Was Growing Up

By Harold Keith
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New England in the 1920s and 30s was, like the rest of America, in the grips of the Great Depression. As a young child and a member of what would come to be known as the greatest generation, Harold Keith was, for the most part, blissfully unaware of this.

Protected by his parents and nurtured by the greater community of Easton, Massachusetts, the author recalls his childhood experiences as less complicated and more structured, simpler, and happier than those of later generations. Without many modern conveniences and luxuries now taken for granted, both children and adults worked harder and appreciated what that work achieved. By necessity, life moved at a slower pace and children found creative ways to provide their own entertainment.

When I Was Growing Up is a lively and engaging account of how American life has changed over the years, and the comparisons drawn give the reader cause to reflect on both what we have gained and what has been lost in the process.

About the Author

Harold Keith is a native of Massachusetts and a longtime resident of New York State. He served in the United States Navy during World War II and is now retired. Together with his wife, Mary, he raised two children, Karen and Michael.

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Published: 2008
Page Count: 152