When I Thought I Had It All

By Dr. Ramona Tindall-Ragin
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Carla hasn’t had the easiest life. On the streets, addicted to crack, and selling her body to survive. She’s over the moon when she meets John, a handsome doctor determined to whisk her away from her old life. In a whirlwind romance, the two wed and begin a life together, with a big, beautiful house, and an even more beautiful baby.

But this isn’t happily ever after. When John becomes mixed up in some seedy business of his own and Carla comes too close to the skeletons in his closet, can she escape before John silences her, once and for all?

When I Thought I Had It All explores the theme of judging by appearances. Sometimes the best dressed, most accomplished people are the most dangerous, and the people you expect the least of are the bravest.

About the Author

Dr. Ramona Tindall-Ragin is a minister and faithful member at Union Missionary Baptist Church. A community activist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and anointed to lead the next generation. She’s the CEO and visionary of “Help a Sister Out” (HASO) Ministry. Through HASO, she assists women in finding their true calling and turning their lives around.

Dr. Tindall-Ragin holds a Master’s Degree with Honors in Theology from N.C. Theological Seminary. She is loved and supported by her husband, Timothy, three daughters, and her family. She considers her five grandchildren her greatest creations. When she’s not writing, mentoring, or cooking, she enjoys worshipping, traveling, shopping, and taking care of her precious, loving mother, Queen Elizabeth Tindall.

Connect with Dr. Tindall-Ragin on FB, Instagram, or via email at ramonaragin@gmail.com.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 126