What's The Buzz, Bob Bee?

By Ann E. Askelson-Silva
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About the Book

Bob Bee is a honeybee, and he is so excited you have decided to join him on his adventures today! Bob Bee has much work to do to help make honey for his Queen Bee, and he plans on travelling the whole planet to find the best flowers. As you fly along with Bob Bee, he has a lot of things to tell you, not just about bees, but about history, geography, and so much more!

"Adorable Bob Bee’s straightforward explanations on the relationship between the Golden State and essential pollinators combine geography and biology in this delightful adventure. Askelson-Silva’s clever lesson on the delicate balance in nature is both entertaining and educational. What’s the Buzz, Bob Bee is a winner!"
 - Suzanne Hochstrasser, Librarian

About the Author

Ann E. Askelson-Silva wrote the story of Bob Bee with her father Bobby in mind. She was raised in the small town of Spring Grove, Minnesota and spent a lot of time outdoors as a child, especially near the great Mississippi River. Her parents taught her the importance of respecting our ecosystem, and the outdoors still heavily inspires her work. Askelson-Silva loves kayaking on the lakes of Minnesota and roadtripping across the country.

Askelson-Silva taught elementary school for 31 years. She has one son, who lives in Colorado with his family. Askelson-Silva resides in California with her husband and their dog Abby.

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"I am just buzzing to share how much I enjoyed the book: What's the Buzz, Bob Bee.
The author Ann E. Askelson-Silva has created such a fun and educational book for children and for those of all ages! I would recommend this book to anyone especially bee lovers!"

Published: 2021
Page Count: 30