What The Hell Is Behavioral Health?

By Don Hidalgo
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You might be familiar with the term behavioral health. It is invoked in federal and state legislation, in health insurance benefits, and by pharmaceutical companies. But it has no recognized or legal definition – leading to a mental health free-for-all with the only winner the pharmaceutical industry. What the Hell is Behavioral Health? is a call to arms for therapists to take back control of care from pharmaceuticals and non-mental health practitioners.

Employee Assistance Programs were developed in the 1960s to provide support, mental health assistance, and addiction counseling for employees. Don Hidalgo was an early pioneer. From training to employees with learning disabilities to addiction counseling, Hidalgo always worked to find a solution to the client’s needs. Seeing firsthand how addiction destroys individuals, families, and communities, Hidalgo has always remained committed to providing the highest possible addiction counseling and support. His devotion to addiction treatment is unique in the counseling industry. Most doctoral and master degree programs have no specified addiction education and most physicians and psychiatrists are not required any medical school education on addiction.

With 10% of Americans suffering from addiction, and deaths from the Opioid Epidemic only rising, the pharmaceutical industry and government dangerously refuse to provide adequate addiction care. While legislation is passed for medical marijuana, treatment for substance abuse is routinely cut from health care bills. Practical advice from counselors is frequently ignored in favor of specious medication. Millions of dollars – and millions of lives – are lost. Impassioned and articulate, What the Hell is Behavioral Health? shares effective advice for employees and counselors to create a healthy and productive work force.

About the Author

Don Hidalgo is the founder of the oldest continuous Employee Assistance Program, Hidalgo Health Associates, in the United States. He has lobbied for over 50 years to create compassionate and effective addiction treatment legislation. He continues to practice as an addiction counselor, interventionist, and an expert witness on addiction.

Hidalgo is married with seven children. He is active in the Catholic Church.

Published: 2018
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