What Meets The Eye

By Riesa Dow
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This novel is the first segment of a trilogy that takes grieving Interpol agent Daniel Leder on a journey from a troubled, revenge-hungry investigator to a leader of a joint task force created to combat environmental terrorism and corruption. Along the way, Daniel is aided by Tess, a mysterious woman he is falling in love with, and Nester, the ruthless assassin he thought was dead. All three characters are connected in ways they do not yet realize.

About the Author

Riesa currently calls Colorado home, but she would be happy living anywhere in the country with her horses and dogs. Growing up, she developed aptitudes for music, writing, and computers. She has a professional background as both a Software Developer and an IT Director, and she also has experience with ranching. These experiences have contributed to her unique perspective regarding both current technologies and environmental topics. She inherited her love of writing from her aunt, who lived by the mantra that, “You’re never too old to make a dream come true.” Riesa is currently a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ Group.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 290