What If...

By Vernesia Womack
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What if you could fly? What would you do? What if a tree could walk? Or an elephant recite a lullaby? It might be fun to think about what our world would be like if things were just a little different; however, they are not. Vernesia Womack, through her book What If..., reinforces the adage that everything should act as God created it to do so, and, by extension, we, as human beings, should treat each other as such regardless of our differences. Read Vernesia Womacks What If... with your child to teach that everything in life as it is has its purpose.

About the Author

Vernesia Womack is an administrator at the New Vision Family Christian Center in Montgomery, Alabama. She lives with her husband Derick and her five children: Patrick, Derick II, Ashlee, Jazsper, and Ganesia. In addition to writing, Ms. Womack enjoys reading, walking, and spending time with her family. What If... is her first published book.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 27