Werewolves: The Next Generation

By Kevin L. Delker
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Dave has been working feverishly on a cure for what many believe is a curse straight from Satan himself: the werewolf. With the help of his assistant, Ashley, Dave uses his years of scientific expertise to begin to understand not just how the next generation of werewolves came into being, but how everything they thought they knew about werewolves—how they can be killed, who and what can be infected—doesn’t appear to apply to this new breed. 

To make matters more dire, it appears that these werewolves are killing and eating humans to survive.

Will Dave and Ashley find a cure for this new generation of werewolves before it is too late?

About the Author

Kevin L. Delker resides in Wyoming, where he works as a truck driver. He enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with his kids.
His idea for Werewolves: The Next Generation was born out of his interest in wolves, cougars, and cryptids like Bigfoot.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 250