We The People, Rationally And Morally, In Thought And Behavior, Truth And Justice, The American Way

By Xenia Wright
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With a loud battle cry from one who has suffered unjustly at the hands of our correctional system, Xenia Wright leads the charge for prison reform, focusing on the inhuman treatment of inmates at many of our countrys incarceration facilities. Citing specific instances of being denied vital and urgent medical treatment, discrimination, and staff and administration incompetence and cruelty, Ms. Wright willingly bares her own history as a convicted felon in order to bring to light the injustice and outright malicious behavior of the staff at all levels in two correctional facilities in Oklahoma as an example of common occurrences in facilities across the nation. She does not just blame and complain, howevershe also presents sound suggestions for reformation of the policies and procedures she observed while a guest of the state, including changes in medical care, mail handling, and beneficial staffing increases. Powerful, motivating, and succinct, Ms. Wrights words will make you shudder with horror at the treatment she experienced as she rallies the nation behind her to force these long overdue reforms.

About the Author

Parent to one child, Xenia Wright enjoys listening to music and writing poems, speeches, and essays in her spare time.

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Published: 2005
Page Count: 32