We Bury Our Dead Well

By Rachael Webb
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The very element that binds us to humanity is being used to divide us. Our emotions do not make us unique; they make us human. It is how you got there and what you do once you leave the particular events of your life, this is where your uniqueness comes from. Let’s start loving our living with a cup of grace and the emotional bonds of humanity.

Follow two public servants who leave it all on the field to help others only to be left destitute and in peril due to the actions of others. Discover how important a support network is as you embrace individuals in a parallel world and discover how we as individuals help to kill each other every day in our actions and our words. In a world where materialist items are valued over human life, let's come back to humanity and start taking care of each other. Validation is your only requirement. It is not for you to judge “good or bad.” Let's see each other for the possibility, not the trials that we are currently facing alone.

About the Author

Rachael Webb wrote this book as a way to release the black mire that was threatening to rise up and shatter her after the violent suicide of her brother. They were going to write a play together, though it never happened. After her loss, she decided she would write a book in his honor, not his remembrance.

Rachael has been in EMS for over 15 years in many different capacities, which has brought her to the forefront of many individuals’ and families’ nightmares. WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Something has to give. She wants for everyone who reads this to know that you are more than an action, a dollar, or a thought. You are a soul and with that, you are priceless. Hold on to your value, make your mark on this world. Do not silence your legacy. Your struggles are not for you; they are for someone else that is going to crash into your life and will need the very lifesaving skills you developed. Humanity is not hard if you just get yourself out of the way.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 1158