We Are Kids

By Mellisa Hughes
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We are KIDS is about children getting along, playing, singing, and dancing together no matter their differences. It’s about kids not being judged based on their looks, but being defined as simply “kids” with no bias.

It’s about the importance of kindness and what's inside versus what’s outside. It’s about not being a bully but being sweet and nice, and getting along with all kids no matter what differences that exist. It’s about understanding that kids are all kids, and they have more in common than looks. We are KIDS helps children understand that there are differences among each other, but that those differences do not define them as children, but rather what they do with their hearts is the defining point.

About the Author

Mellisa Ann Hughes is the mother of two beautiful and unique kids, Jax and Zoe. She gave up her sixteen-year-career to stay home and contribute her full self for her children. Her wonderful husband, Brian, supports the family and her decision to stay home. As a family they love to vacation and visit wonderful places to fill their memory banks. Mellisa loves running and writing, but her true love is her family. With associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, and an MBA, Mellisa uses her education to raise her children and make them ready for the big world. She has always taught her children that love and kindness are the most important aspects of life.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 30