Way To Go, Eaglo!

By Grace Do
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Way to Go, Eaglo!

A baby eagle called Eaglo is born into a wonderful family with kind and caring parents. He is happy with his life. Theres just one problem: Hes terrified of learning to fly.

His father takes him up high in the sky to fly, but he just falls toward the earth. His father is there to catch him. When he tries again, his wise parents teach him to conquer his fears by trusting in the Lord, and he is able to fly the way every great eagle does. His parents are very proud, and when his sister is hatched, he offers to teach her himself.

About the Author

Born in Saigon, Viet Nam, Grace Do has lived in California for over twenty years and became a United States citizen in 1996. She and her husband have six children, but four of them passed away.

Grace Do earned an A.A. degree in Art Design in 1994 from Evergreen Community College in San Jose, California, and then went on to her B.A. in Graphic Arts in 2000 at California State University, Long Beach, California. She works at home as a graphic designer.

Travel is an important pleasure to Grace Do, and her own flying lessons prompted this delightful little book.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 30