Water, Love, And Sunshine

By M. Elizabeth Chamlee
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After planting a garden with her mommy, an impatient little girl wants her flowers to grow—NOW! After all, it’s been a week. Something should have happened by now, right? Maybe it’s time to sneak a peek. Too bad it’s raining outside…

But then again, what Mommy doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Water, Love, and Sunshine is the heartwarming tale of a girl who may make lots of mistakes in her enthusiasm to see her new garden grow, but she also learns from her mistakes and tries her best to correct them and do the right thing.

About the Author

In her free time, M. Elizabeth Chamlee enjoys crafting items to take to local festivals, including stuffed animals, dolls, and other things for children.

Chamlee lives in a small country town in Georgia with her three young children. She loves to read, play outside, paint, and watch movies with them.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 30